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Fast-track your career in financial solutions with Linear. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Career burn-out hits most people at some point in life. It’s a frustrating place to be, especially when your hard work is just lining someone else’s pockets. With Linear Financial Solutions, you have full control of your career in mortgage advice. Whether you’re starting from scratch or growing – whatever pace you chose, we’ll simply lead the way.

Fast-track the career you want

There’s limitless potential with Linear – whether it’s to grow your business, become an appointed representative or gain your CeMap qualification.

We’ll never expect more of you than to just achieve what you want, which means no unrealistic targets or heavy performance management.

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Set up to succeed.

Don’t let your current career hold you back – break free and set your own goals. It’s straightforward for anyone to succeed with our process of training and mentorship.

Your profit margins can be high and growth exponential with our guidance. We’ll give you the support and tools as you need them.

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Backed by a Top 3 Mortgage Network

Tap into the buying power of one of the UK’s strongest networks, giving you access to a wide range of mortgage products.

We’ve got your back while you offer the best service and options to your clients. You’ll gain the confidence to take your business in new exciting directions.

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