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Some frequently asked questions before you start.

Do Linear have employed and self-employed roles?2022-05-04T08:45:52+00:00

Yes. There are many options for both employed and self-employed roles. Linear is also part of a wider network of firms – so the opportunities are huge. Whatever your circumstances or aspirations, we can find the right path for you.

I am a college/university leaver and keen to consider an apprenticeship in Financial Services. Is this something that Linear can support me with?2022-05-04T08:48:59+00:00

Yes. Linear and PRIMIS have a number of potential vacancies that would support an apprenticeship option. Get in touch to find out more.

I have never worked within financial services before but I’m keen to start. Can Linear help me?2022-05-04T08:43:04+00:00

Yes, absolutely! Linear has many options for starting a career in financial services. This includes CeMap support, a detailed training programme, mentoring and administration opportunities. 

When you fill in our “start now” form, we’ll have a quick chat with you – then give you exclusive access to our Applicant Hub, which has all the information about the possibilities available to you.

I am a mortgage adviser and want to expand into other areas such as protection. Can you help?2023-02-24T16:26:58+00:00

Of course! We can devise your personal career pathway whatever your interests or ambitions. We offer holistic support, mentoring and training within many areas of financial services. Being part of Linear Financial Solutions opens your opportunities up thanks to the backing and support of a Top 3 network – PRIMIS.

I want to switch networks. Can I do this?2022-05-04T08:44:56+00:00

We would be honoured to have you join us. But there will be a few things to discuss first, and it depends on your current contractual obligations. Click “start now” and we’ll be in touch to talk through your individual circumstances.

Does Linear supply me with any leads?2022-05-04T08:46:51+00:00

We do, but they are not guaranteed. We give every adviser the tools and mentoring to help them build their own business and find their own leads. But we do pass business your way when appropriate and fair.

I notice you offer a CeMap course. If I have partially completed CeMap previously, am I still able to take advantage of this?2022-05-04T08:48:29+00:00

Yes, you can. You will just attend the appropriate course for the modules that you are yet to obtain.

Who are Linear Financial Solutions?2022-05-04T08:42:16+00:00

Linear Financial Services is a brokerage made up of over 60 financial services professionals.  We provide mortgage, protection and general insurance advice to hundreds of clients across the UK every year.

Linear is part of the award-wining PRIMIS Mortgage Network. This means our advisers have the backing of a top 3 network, which helps every adviser offer the very best options for their clients no matter their circumstances.


How does the recruitment process work?2022-05-04T08:44:10+00:00

Simply start by filling in our “start now” form. We will have an initial conversation with you to answer any first questions you have – then you’ll be given exclusive access to our Applicant Hub. Here you’ll find more information about your options.

Once you decide to apply, you’ll fill in an application form (available in the Applicant Hub) and we’ll take it from there. There will be some regulatory processes and an assessment – then you will be assigned to the appropriate training.

We have made the process simple and we give you full support throughout so that your new career can get underway as soon as possible.

I want to build a business. Can I do that under Linear?2022-05-04T08:47:20+00:00

Yes! We exist to help people achieve their business goals, no matter how ambitious. We will support you every step of the way. Take a look at our case studies here and read how we have helped others build their business.

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