Ash Birchill

General Insurance Adviser & Sales Support Administrator
Part of Linear 2019 – present

“Being part of the linear family has allowed me to have the flexibility I have always craved. I enjoy being left to my own devices and feel I am more productive this way. This enables me to be there for my family when they need me.”

Career journey

  • Joined in a sales support role
  • Given flexible training and support from home
  • Started selling general insurance
  • Doubled sales in second year
  • Named Top Linear Home Insurance Adviser 2021
  • Now training to sell protection services


“Linear has been the best thing that has happened to me throughout my working life.”

Career before joining Linear

I was the pension’s team coordinator for Johnson Fleming, I started as a customer advisor and then progressed to this role after a year.

Why did you join Linear?

I was approached on several occasions and asked if I would like to come across to Linear. I’m not really one for changing jobs however I was told about the progression opportunities with linear and that’s what got my attention. I had already got myself to where I wanted to be with Johnson Fleming so a new challenge sounded exciting. Being able to work from home so I was there for my children sealed the deal!

What were your career goals when you joined Linear?

My knowledge on mortgages and protection was very limited at the time when I joined Linear. Terminology scared me! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to learn this part of the financial services industry and work myself up the ladder. I knew it would be a challenge, but I wanted to prove I could do it.

How did you find the transition?

Before joining, I started my training in a busy office and I struggled at first to learn in this environment. So being able to work from home was ideal. I was able to learn at my own pace and without distractions.

As expected I was overwhelmed by the terminology, processes and systems in place – however the training and support I received was paramount to my quick learning and progression. There was an array of training modules I had to complete before I could make a start, but alongside the support from my team it provided me with the information I needed to understand the requirements of the business and the FCA.

What career progression have you made during your time with Linear?

I started Linear as a sales support administrator, processing applications for mortgage brokers and ensuring mortgage and protection cases were put on to the systems in a timely manner. I also chased lenders and solicitors to help get mortgage cases to completion status and updating clients along the way. I did this for around seven months and was asked if I wanted to help Linear increase its general insurance numbers by becoming a home insurance advisor. This was an exciting opportunity for me as it allowed me to bring my key skills in to play; building a rapport with clients, helping them with their needs, giving the best customer service and smashing targets!

It has also allowed me to earn extra income. I was signed off to sell after 3 months of training and assessments which I received so much support for.  I was quite pleased with how my first year went as I was worried about whether I would be able to juggle my administration role and the general insurance advisor role. I managed to double my first years’ home insurance sales before the end of my second year of sales. This was an amazing achievement for me and the recognition I received was superb – I was named the Top Linear Home Insurance Advisor for 2021. This felt like the best year I had ever had in all my working life. Since then, I have acquired more advisors seeking help with their clients in the home insurance journey.

I am now ready for the next chapter and am going to try my hand at selling protection services. Naturally I feel nervous, however when I look back at how I managed to become a successful home insurance advisor I know that I have the ability and the support to allow me to give this a go.

How has the ongoing support from Linear helped you achieve your goals?

I feel it’s so important that we keep on top of our product knowledge as well as our financial services knowledge as it allows us to perform our role with more confidence and professionalism.

The ongoing support I receive has been paramount to my success. Having the regular webinars and academies hosted by PRIMIS and the training material readily available has meant that I have had all my questions answered as and when I needed. It’s also nice to know that there is always someone within Linear that can help me with my questions.

The content for learning general insurance has been plentiful to say the least. There are always so many webinars and opportunities to meet with insurers and trainers face to face or over the phone, I can’t ask for anything more.

How do you feel you have grown as an adviser?

I have been so pleased with how far I have come in my Linear Journey so far. I feel I have become more confident and knowledgeable which has allowed me to help others joining Linear with the advice and support they need. I was 40 when I started Linear and being honest, after 15 successful years of working in sales I thought those days were over. My role as a home insurance advisor has proved that I can still exceed my personal targets but most importantly I am doing it with a company that gives me the support I need, nurtures me and makes me feel valued.

How has your time with Linear impacted your personal life?

Being part of the linear family has allowed me to have the flexibility I have always craved. I enjoy being left to my own devices and feel I am more productive this way. This enables me to be there for my family when they need me. I am a much happier person around my family and so many people ask me how I can love my job so much and actually look forward to a Monday morning!

Linear has been the best thing that has happened to me throughout my working life, I want to thank everyone in both Linear and Primis that has helped me through my journey, without you I wouldn’t be enjoying the success and happiness I am enjoying now. Thank you so much.

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