Where will Linear Financial Solutions take you?


Progress or grow at the rate you choose.

Linear Financial Solutions is a brokerage that exists to recruit and facilitate the growth of independent financial advisers and businesses. Our core ethos is to train and mentor people towards their career goals, giving them a fast-track route to a better position – in work and life.

With the backing of a Top 3 Network – PRIMIS Mortgage Network – advisers get unparalleled support.

Start in admin

Many people start as an administrator, supporting our network of mortgage and protection advisers. This is the perfect starting point to learn how the mortgage industry works or develop customer service skills.

GI and protection

You can start your career as a specialist in general insurance, or as a GI and protection adviser. You can work alongside any of our mortgage advisers to support their clients needing protection, or concentrate on building your own customer base.

Mortgage adviser

We have a comprehensive support and training programme for anyone wishing to start or progress their career as a mortgage adviser. We offer CeMap courses for those starting out – or we can fully support you on your way to growing your own firm.

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You decide your career pathway.

Whether you have competent adviser status (CAS) already, or you are just beginning (non-CAS), Linear Financial Solutions can help you wherever you are on your career journey. The map (click to expand) gives an example of how you can make your way through to becoming an adviser or growing your business with our business mentor programs. Everyone who wishes to join Linear Financial Solutions will get the full backing of our parent company, PRIMIS Mortgage Network, and its teams of support experts.


CeMAP courses to progress your career.

In conjunction with the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) and PRIMIS Mortgage Network, we deliver CeMap courses.  The programme is split across two course, one covering CeMap 1 and the other combines CeMap 2 and 3.  The courses are delivered via Zoom and have a 94% success rate for those passing their exams.

The overall cost of the programme is £900.  This excludes the £570 that is needed to be paid to the LIBF for registration of the qualification and access to book the exams.

Upcoming CeMap courses dates

CeMap 1
Monday 18th July – Thursday 21st July 2022

CeMap 2/3
Monday 12th September – Thursday 15th September 2022

CeMap 1
Monday 17th October – Thursday 20th October 2022

CeMap 2/3
Monday 12th December – Thursday 15th December 2022

Are you ready to begin?

If you are ready to join Linear Financial Solutions, you can start the process straight away. You can speak to our team at any time to help with your application.

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